This project was to provide a one bedroom house to the rear of No. 15 Fairview Strand, a house dating from 1850. The form reflects the context. The house is single storey directly onto the street, at the height of the existing garden wall. Behind is two storey, stepped back to line up with the houses along Windsor Avenue. The finish is lime render, matching the finish at the rear of the existing house. The living space has the same scale as the grand rooms of the existing house. By putting the kitchen in the low single storey area to the street, we could provide a clerestory window to the living room, as well as a big window facing toward the sun, with a third source of indirect light coming from the double height light scoop over the stairs. The bedroom at first floor level is a simple room with a corner window providing views of the setting, while the light from the light scoop filters into the bedroom through a timber opaque glazed screen.

Street View

Front View

Living Room

Bedroom Screen

Bushy Island Cottage
County Limerick

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