The original kitchen was removed and this space is left as a void. This courtyard becomes the focal point of the house. It provides a link between new and old and draws the visitor into the plan from the front door. The visitor sees that something occurs beyond the courtyard. This void is also the first element of the composition of masses to the rear. The new bay window off the back room, mirroring the original bay window to the front, is the second. The third element is the kitchen itself. The two positive masses contrast with the empty space. The design of the external skin of the building explores varied transparency. To the front, the new opening is one part clear glazing and one part a brick screen with gaps between each brick. Behind some of this screen is an opaque glazed window. Behind other areas of the screen is solid brick. The transparency of the brick screen, always seen internally, is revealed externally at night when the light shines through gaps in the brick. To the rear, a vine has been planted in front of some of the windows. The leaves provide a shade in the summer months, in autumn the leaves fall to allow the winter sun provide solar gain. The transparency ebbs and flows with the seasons.

Front View

Courtyard View Night

Rear Elevation View Night

Rear Side View

Bushy Island Cottage
County Limerick

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