The form of the plan is a reference to the plan of the House of Vettii in Pompeii - the head of the house sits at the end of an axis which starts at the entry and is punctuated by courtyards along its length. Here, the courtyards are used to bring light deep into the plan and create microclimates. The axis continues beyond the seat at the rear wall of the house, and out into the garden and marsh beyond the rear garden. This move is echoed in the first floor extension. The other important theme in the design is that of reflection. The glass panes in the round windows on the facade are flush with the outside face to reflect the sky, this reflection contrasting with the rough texture of the pebble dash, like puddles in a ploughed field. Internally, the glass walls of the courtyards, held in black frames, reflect the light and view between each courtyard, giving a sense of ambiguity to where the spaces end and what is in view and is reflected.

Front Elevation

View of Apple Tree in Rear Garden

Outer Courtyard

Rear Elevation

Bushy Island Cottage
County Limerick

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